3 Days old


June 20th, 2015 Our brand new baby girl, who only woke once in the night, was three days old. We didn’t have a crib or a pack-n-play, so we improvised by using our suitcase as a cradle.






It was our second day in Utah. That morning our Utah Case worker, Rachel, came over to our hotel to go over the legalities of our adoption. We signed papers and discussed our adoption. Rachel was precious. She answered all of our questions and made the process run smoothly.


Later that afternoon, we went to see the Great Salt Lake. We snapped a few pictures and went back to the hotel to feed Ella Joy and to rest.


That evening we went to Target to get a few items and grabbed supper before calling it a day.



Back at home Tucker and Coren helped Pop clean out chicken houses and had a fun Saturday playing.


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