About the Ministry

– What we do! –

Micro Preemie Hats

Every year on December 1st we donate over one hundred micro preemie hats to our local hospital. We have group of ladies that meet in November to sew the hats. There are also a few ladies who faithfully donate their crocheted hats and blankets every year. This was the first outreach that our ministry began 9 years ago, in memory of our daughter, Allie Grace.

Hospice Bags

We are passionate about our
Hospice outreach because it is
personal to us. My father passed
away with cancer in April 2018
under the care of Hospice of
Alexander County. His nurses and
caretakers were an absolute gift to
our family during that time. As I
would sit with him, some days, our
only visitors were the birds that
would faithfully visit our makeshift
bird feeder that sat on the window seal. Those birds inspired this ministry outreach. We now make bags with a bird feeder, seed and a copy of the Gospel for those in Hospice care.

Foster Bags

A Story For His Glory Ministries is passionate about Foster Care Outreach because as a respite family, we have experienced first-hand the beautiful and humbling impact a foster child brings with them. The care bags we create for the children are age and gender specific. We pray over each one and we hope the items will be very practical and helpful in this new transition. The ministry also provides a gift card for the foster family to be able to have a meal on us. God sure does love his children well and we should too.


A Story For His Glory Ministries currently hosts two events during the year. The first is Girls’ Night Out which is open to school aged girls and up. The ministry has hosted this event for two years and is looking forward to many more. We are also hosting our very first widows luncheon and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for this event!