“Don’t waste your story”

I decided to start this blog because we are humbled and overwhelmed by those praying for us, sending texts, sending private messages and emails, or just stopping me in public to ask the hard questions. “What happened to your baby?”  “Is it just going to be you and the boys, or are y’all going to try again?” (I kid you not; that was a serious question I was asked…) “When are y’all going to adopt?” and the comment… “You know once you adopt, you’ll become pregnant!”  Umm, so I love you all, and it blesses my soul to know you care for me and my family the way you do. (Even those of you who shouldn’t ever speak out loud. Ever!)  I realized that I am not the only one grieving our sweet little girl nor am I the only one ready for “Joy to come in the morning”.  I am also unable to keep everyone updated the way I had hoped.  And I am simply too tired, sad and emotional to be telling the same story over and over.  A blog seemed like the best option on keeping those we love and who love us updated on our story.  My mother-in-law once told me, “God gives us stories, and it’s up to us if we waste them or not.”  Ours will not be wasted.  Please note that this is going to be a sacred place for me as I pour out my heart as well as ask for specific prayer requests and offer praises to my Lord and Savior!

If you’re reading this page to be nosy or to criticize, please move on to another blog.  Rude and discouraging comments are not wanted.



2 thoughts on ““Don’t waste your story”

  1. So so true. More people should talk about their story. Every story, although in many cases can be heartbreaking, can provide a shoulder or support or similar thoughts to someone else. Your story may prevent someone else from feeling alone or frightened. I am listening. Xxxxxxxxxx


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